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The QM Cycle

Element 8

The use of appropriate teaching and learning materials to improve basic skills

All learners, when acquiring or improving their basic skills, should have access to appropriate materials. These should be varied, related to the skills being taught and relevant to the learner’s age, interests and ability. Materials should be audited regularly to assess their quality and relevance. The provision of materials should be identified in the school’s basic skills planning.

Planning and delivery of lessons will show effective use of materials, by both learners and adults, to enhance learning. The monitoring of lessons should identify whether materials are used effectively and that they have a positive impact on learning.

ICT should be used both as a teaching aid and a tool for learning.

The physical environment of the school should support teaching and encourage learning.

‘A major benefit was the external, public recognition of the staff’s work, which helped give parents confidence, boosted staff morale and gave children a sense of pride in their school.’