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The QM Cycle

Element 4

Basic skills improvement planning for pupils underattaining and/or underachieving

Planning is essential to meet the needs of all learners. This will involve planning for identified groups of learners, as well as identified individuals. The evidence provided might include examples of whole class plans, group plans or individual plans. Provision should be mapped to meet the needs of underattaining and/or underachieving learners.

Planning should show evidence of having been informed by the assessment process and should include appropriate learner contributions. All learners should be aware of what they need to do to improve in language, literacy and mathematics. Written improvement plans will identify the appropriate resources, including materials, time and staffing, needed to implement them and how impact will be monitored and evaluated.

Parents should be made aware of any intervention programme their child is engaged in and how they can support the process, where appropriate.

‘Quality Mark provided a focus for the work we have undertaken with underachieving pupils and linked effectively with other initiatives on literacy and assessment.’