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The QM Cycle


How to renew the Quality Mark

The Quality Mark is awarded for three years and can be renewed at the end of this time. Six months and three months prior to the renewal date a reminder letter is sent out to both the local authority and the school. (Regardless of the date of the assessment, each renewal date will be three years from the award date that appears on the Quality Mark database:

To renew the award, a school must demonstrate that:

  • it continues to meet the criteria for all 10 elements
  • there have been developments in Glossarybasic skills that have had a positive impact on standards
  • there continues to be a whole school commitment to improving basic skills.

Preparing for renewal

  • Ensure that you have a copy of the Quality Mark for Early Years booklet (A3001).
  • Confirm with your local authority what the renewal assessment process will involve.
  • Agree a date for renewal up to three months in advance of the due date.
  • Arrange for any additional support visits as may be necessary.
  • Involve staff in carrying out a self-review against the 10 elements and criteria: 
  • identifying key developments since the previous assessment
  • evaluating the impact of these developments
  • identifying and gathering relevant evidence.
  • Share the outcomes with the whole staff, the governing body and the Link Adviser/SIP.

Following assessment

Following a successful assessment, the assessor will formally recommend renewal of the award. The school should photocopy the renewal form to keep with its self-audit documentation.

Once the recommendation has been processed, the school will receive a new plaque in recognition of the continuation of its award.

Information on how to renew can be found on the PQM in the context of Early Years renewal form.