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The QM Cycle

Element 6

A commitment to improving the skills of all practitioners

Any setting must ensure that it complies with the legal requirements relating to appropriate qualifications, training, skills and knowledge of all its practitioners and be committed to improving their understanding, skills, knowledge and attitudes by providing access to effective practice and professional development. This commitment will be evident through the inclusion of training for all practitioners, including managers, and in the setting’s strategy for continuing professional development (CPD), which should be based on an audit of the needs of the setting and of individuals.

All practitioners should have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Volunteers and management committee members/governors should also be given full information and guidance on their roles and responsibilities, and should be included in training activities where appropriate.

There should be evidence that regular training opportunities are provided, and that the induction of new practitioners includes guidance and support on the setting’s approach to encouraging, developing, supporting and extending the skills of young children.

Regular appraisals and/or supervisory meetings should be carried out to identify training needs of practitioners and a programme of CPD applied so that these needs are met. Evaluation and monitoring of training and its impact on the progress and development of children will contribute to the performance management processes used in the setting.

A range of approaches to CPD is likely to be evident, delivered via courses (external or internal) and through coaching, mentoring, shadowing or sharing best practice.

Where the early years provider is an individual rather than an organisation, e.g. a registered childminder, the criteria for this element should be interpreted to reflect this so that they are not disadvantaged during assessment. The focus should be on how the individual has approached securing their own continuing professional development and how they have made use of appropriate external sources of support and local networks.