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The QM Cycle

Element 4

Planning ‘next steps’ in learning for young children’s development

Good planning is the key to making young children’s learning effective, exciting, challenging, varied and progressive. An early years provider must organise systems to ensure that every young child receives an enjoyable learning experience tailored to their needs. However, plans should remain flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. Planning should be informed by observation and assessment processes. 

Practitioners need to be alert to the early signs of need that could lead to later learning difficulties and respond quickly and appropriately, involving other agencies as necessary. For young children with additional needs, or those performing below expected developmental norms or below their potential, the focus should be on removing or helping to counter Glossaryunderachievement and overcoming barriers where these exist. For those identified as gifted or talented, appropriate challenges should be provided.

Written improvement plans will identify the appropriate resources, including materials, time and staffing, needed to implement them and how the impact on children’s progress and development will be reviewed and evaluated. Where possible and when appropriate, planning should be undertaken in partnership with parents, and should indicate where there might be opportunities for them to support or extend learning at home.