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The QM Cycle

Element 10

An effective procedure for monitoring planning and assessing improvement in practice and provision

An early years provider will need to review the impact of its strategic planning. This monitoring process will include self-evaluation, gathering external viewpoints and analysing current evidence. Reports made to managers, advisory groups or governors by the lead and key practitioners, and through the involvement of designated individuals, will also provide frequent opportunities to review, monitor and analyse provision, practice, progress and performance. 

The management committee, advisory group or governing body of the setting should review the progress being made in implementing planning to encourage, develop, support and extend foundation skills, including those in communication, language and mathematical development, at least once a year. There must also be regular discussions about the setting’s plans, provision, practice and progress by all practitioners.

It is up to each early years provider to decide how they undertake self-evaluation and review progress – what is important is that regular observation, assessment, evaluation and analysis of progress and development actually takes place. All stakeholders (i.e. management committee members/governors, parents, and practitioners who work in the setting) need to receive appropriate information to help them review and monitor progress and report, where relevant, on improvements in practice and provision.

Where the early years setting is a sole provider, or an individual such as a registered childminder, then support with monitoring and assessing improvement can be successfully achieved by requesting peer review from a similar provider or childminder, or through joining a local network of providers with similar contexts. Peer collaboration, undertaken through visits and/or by e-mail, is also very supportive at the earlier self-audit and action-planning stages of preparation for a Quality Mark award assessment.