Links to national priorities

The Quality Mark connects to key themes which recur in government priorities for children, schools and families as outlined in key publications.

It complements and supports the principles underpinning the national strategies and the inspection frameworks, and is in tune with the reform agenda at all key stages to improve outcomes for children and young people.

The list below provides some examples of the connections, based on the Primary Quality Mark.

Supporting Quality Mark elements

Improving outcomes for children and young people through personalised learning and teaching

  • Assessment for learning: Element 2, Element 3, Element 4, Element 5
  • Effective teaching and learning: Element 6, Element 7, Element 8
  • Curriculum entitlement and choice: Element 5, Element 7, Element 8
  • Organising the school: Element 1, Element 6, Element 10
  • Beyond the classroom: Element 5, Element 9

Whole organisation improvement

  • Self evaluation: Element 1, Element 2, Element 3, Element 10
  • Workforce development: Element 1, Element 6
Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (

The Early Years Quality Mark as a cycle for improvement 

The Primary Quality Mark as a cycle for school improvement

The Secondary Quality Mark as a cycle for school improvement


Early Years Quality Mark booklet

Primary Quality Mark booklet

Secondary Quality Mark booklet

Extended Services Quality Mark booklet


Wider community involvement

  • Developing partnership with parents: Element 4, Element 5, Element 9
  • Multi-agency approach: Element 5
  • Extended services: Element 5, Element 9