Assessment visit

The agenda for the assessment visit is agreed between the school/setting and the assessor. Evidence to demonstrate that a school/setting meets the criteria for each element may come from a range of sources. Documentary evidence can be presented in any format that makes it easy for the assessor to identify planning, provision and evidence of impact in Glossarybasic skills. Core documentation may either be presented in a specific portfolio or made available by highlighting sections in existing school files. An assessor will also seek evidence through discussion with key stakeholders, such as staff, parents, governors or pupils, and through the observation of teaching and learning from taking a ‘learning walk’ around the school.

These documents are example agendas which schools have prepared with the assessor for a typical Quality Mark visit. In most cases the assessment lasts for a 'long morning' in primary schools or a whole day for secondary schools. 

Example of Primary Initial Assessment Visit Agenda (13/02/2014)

Example of Secondary Initial Assessment Visit Agenda (13/02/2014)

Example of Primary Renewal Assessment Visit Agenda (13/02/2014)